The #MadeMoreMST3K SHORTS Collection

The #MadeMoreMST3K SHORTS Collection

Enjoy this special bonus collection of 20 CLASSIC MST3K SHORT RIFFS, selected by Joel, which was offered as a DIGITAL REWARD during the #MakeMoreMST3K Kickstarter campaign in 2021.

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The #MadeMoreMST3K SHORTS Collection
  • Short: The Home Economics Story

    In this MST3K short from 1951, Kay majors in Home Economics at Iowa State College, where she and her friends learn about the many practical applications for a Home Economics degree. (As seen in Experiment 64, "The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent.")

  • Short: Appreciating Our Parents

    In this MST3K short from 1950, young Tommy realizes how little he does to help out around the house, and commits to becoming more of a team player. (As seen in Experiment 67, "The Unearthly.")

  • Short: Mr. B Natural

    In this MST3K short from 1957, a high-energy musical sprite informs a youth named Buzz that joining the school band will improve his confidence and make him more friends. Knew your father, I did! (As seen in Experiment 66, "War of the Colossal Beast.")

  • Short: Posture Pals

    In this MST3K short, four children – with encouragement from their teacher – decide to devote themselves to improving their posture. (As seen in Experiment 67, "The Unearthly.")

  • Short: Johnny At The Fair

    In this MST3K short from 1947, the titular Johnny escapes from his parents at the Canadian National Exposition and meets boxer Joe Louis, comedians Olsen & Johnson, and the former Canadian prime minister. (As seen in Experiment 90, "The Rebel Set.")

  • Short: Circus On Ice

    In this MST3K short, an ice-skating circus performance includes a depressing number in which a figure skater pretending to be a fawn is shot and killed. As seen in Experiment 92, "Monster A-Go-Go."

  • Short: What To Do On A Date

    In this MST3K short from 1951, awkward teenager Nick summons the courage to ask Kay on a date. With no ideas for what they might do, Nick ponders the merits of bike rides and weenie roasts before suggesting they volunteer at a local scavenger sale. (As seen in Experiment 98, "Swamp Diamonds.")

  • Short: Body Care And Grooming

    In this MST3K short from 1947, several college students learn why showering and good hygiene habits are essential considerations for adult life… in excruciating detail. (As seen in Experiment 105, "The Painted Hills.")

  • Short: Cheating

    In this MST3K short from 1952, young John Taylor faces the consequences of his actions after he gets busted for cheating off his friend Mary’s algebra test. (As seen in Experiment 110, "The Wild World of Batwoman.")

  • Short: What About Juvenile Delinquency?

    In this MST3K short from 1955, hooligans attack a man for driving too slowly… but later, one of the hooligans realizes they beat up his dad. (As seen in Experiment 113, "The Atomic Brain.")

  • Short: Last Clear Chance

    In this MST3K short, a film about road safety around railroad crossings takes a dark turn when two youths are taken out by a train they didn’t see approaching. Why don’t they look? (As seen in Experiment 115, "Radar Secret Service.")

  • Short: Design For Dreaming

    In this MST3K short from 1956, a young woman is transported into the future by a masked man who escorts her to the General Motors Motorama. (As seen in Experiment 119, "12 to the Moon.")

  • Short: Uncle Jim's Dairy Farm

    In this MST3K short from 1960, two city kids spend the summer on their uncle’s dairy farm, where they learn all about modern approaches to milk production, and also how to climb a rope in the barn. (As seen in Experiment 126, "Bloodlust.")

  • Short: Why Study Industrial Arts?

    In this MST3K short from 1956, an avid fan of shop class explains to a friend all the myriad reasons why industrial arts classes are a necessary part of a young man’s education. (As seen in Experiment 128, "The Skydivers.")

  • Short: Young Man's Fancy

    In this MST3K short from 1952, teenage Judy tries to impress her brother’s friend by making him dinner, but alas: Alexander only has eyes for appliances and efficiency studies. Produced for the Edison Electrical Institute. (As seen in Experiment 129, "The Violent Years.")

  • Short: Are You Ready For Marriage?

    In this MST3K short from 1950, Sue and her boyfriend Larry want to get married immediately after Sue graduates from high school. When her parents object, the couple asks a marriage counselor at the local church for advice. (As seen in Experiment 135, "Racket Girls.")

  • Short: Once Upon A Honeymoon

    In this MST3K short from 1956, the wife of a songwriter imagines her future home decorated with phones in a variety of colors, while her husband attempts to finish working so they can leave on their honeymoon. (As seen in Experiment 144, "Night of the Blood Beast.")

  • Short: The Chicken of Tomorrow

    In this MST3K short from 1948, the modern processes and technological advancements in chicken farming conspire to create the chicken of tomorrow. Sponsored by Texaco. (As seen in Experiment 145, "The Brute Man.")

  • Short: A Case of Spring Fever

    In this MST3K short, Coily the Spring Sprite teaches Gilbert Willoughby a vital and terrifying lesson about the life-affirming importance of springs. (As seen in Experiment 196, "Squirm.")

  • Short: Assignment: Venezuela

    In this MST3K short, an American oil company attempts to entice American employees to work in its Venezuelan oil fields by showcasing the beauty and history of the country. (From the never-released MST3K CD-ROM!)