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Watch Short: Cheating

Watch Short: Cheating


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  • Short: What About Juvenile Delinquency?

    In this MST3K short from 1955, hooligans attack a man for driving too slowly… but later, one of the hooligans realizes they beat up his dad. (As seen in Experiment 113, "The Atomic Brain.")

  • Short: Last Clear Chance

    In this MST3K short, a film about road safety around railroad crossings takes a dark turn when two youths are taken out by a train they didn’t see approaching. Why don’t they look? (As seen in Experiment 115, "Radar Secret Service.")

  • Short: Design For Dreaming

    In this MST3K short from 1956, a young woman is transported into the future by a masked man who escorts her to the General Motors Motorama. (As seen in Experiment 119, "12 to the Moon.")