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Watch Short: Circus On Ice

Watch Short: Circus On Ice


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  • Short: What To Do On A Date

    In this MST3K short from 1951, awkward teenager Nick summons the courage to ask Kay on a date. With no ideas for what they might do, Nick ponders the merits of bike rides and weenie roasts before suggesting they volunteer at a local scavenger sale. (As seen in Experiment 98, "Swamp Diamonds.")

  • Short: Body Care And Grooming

    In this MST3K short from 1947, several college students learn why showering and good hygiene habits are essential considerations for adult life… in excruciating detail. (As seen in Experiment 105, "The Painted Hills.")

  • Short: Cheating

    In this MST3K short from 1952, young John Taylor faces the consequences of his actions after he gets busted for cheating off his friend Mary’s algebra test. (As seen in Experiment 110, "The Wild World of Batwoman.")