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Watch Short: Young Man's Fancy

Watch Short: Young Man's Fancy


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  • Short: Are You Ready For Marriage?

    In this MST3K short from 1950, Sue and her boyfriend Larry want to get married immediately after Sue graduates from high school. When her parents object, the couple asks a marriage counselor at the local church for advice. (As seen in Experiment 135, "Racket Girls.")

  • Short: Once Upon A Honeymoon

    In this MST3K short from 1956, the wife of a songwriter imagines her future home decorated with phones in a variety of colors, while her husband attempts to finish working so they can leave on their honeymoon. (As seen in Experiment 144, "Night of the Blood Beast.")

  • Short: The Chicken of Tomorrow

    In this MST3K short from 1948, the modern processes and technological advancements in chicken farming conspire to create the chicken of tomorrow. Sponsored by Texaco. (As seen in Experiment 145, "The Brute Man.")