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Watch Short: Mr. B Natural

Watch Short: Mr. B Natural


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  • Short: Posture Pals

    In this MST3K short, four children – with encouragement from their teacher – decide to devote themselves to improving their posture. (As seen in Experiment 67, "The Unearthly.")

  • Short: Johnny At The Fair

    In this MST3K short from 1947, the titular Johnny escapes from his parents at the Canadian National Exposition and meets boxer Joe Louis, comedians Olsen & Johnson, and the former Canadian prime minister. (As seen in Experiment 90, "The Rebel Set.")

  • Short: Circus On Ice

    In this MST3K short, an ice-skating circus performance includes a depressing number in which a figure skater pretending to be a fawn is shot and killed. As seen in Experiment 92, "Monster A-Go-Go."