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Up Next in MST3K Season 12: The Gauntlet

  • Lords of the Deep

    In the theater, the crew watches as a group of marine biologists in a undersea lab are attacked by psychic aliens in "Lords of the Deep" (1989). Meanwhile, in Moon 13, visiting scientist Donna St. Phibes presents a Lord of the Deep. This episode features the first appearance of Deanna Rooney as D...

  • The Day Time Ended

    In the theater, the crew watches as a desert family is tormented by time-traveling aliens in "The Day Time Ended" (1979). Meanwhile, on Moon 13, Dr. Erhardt pops by to collect the remains of Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank. This episode features an appearance by J. Elvis Weinstein returning as Dr....

  • Killer Fish

    In the theater, the crew watches as a sinking boat leaves passengers and crew in piranha-infested waters in "Killer Fish" (1979). Meanwhile, on the SOL, Jonah and the bots speculate what the killer fish in the title might be.