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Watch The Batwoman (v3)


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Up Next in Gizmoplex Autumn Replay (2022)

  • The Million Eyes of Sumuru

    In the theater, Jonah's crew watches an evil woman bent on dominating the world with her all-woman army in THE MILLION EYES OF SUMURU (1967). Meanwhile, on the SOL, the bots realize Jonah is tall.

  • The Shape of Things to Come

    In the theater, the crew watches as three people and their robot friend try to put a stop to an evil plot to destroy the colonies living on the moon in H.G. Wells' THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME (1979). Meanwhile, on the SOL, the bots roast the robot from the movie.

  • The Mask (3D)

    In MST3K's first-ever Halloween episode, the crew watches a 3D horror film about an accursed skull mask in THE MASK in 3D (1961). Meanwhile, on the SOL, Jonah teaches the bots about the spookiest holiday.