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The Million Eyes of Sumuru

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  • The Batwoman

    In the theater, Emily's crew watches a Mexican film about a scantily-clad superhero going up against a mad scientist trying to create a fish-man in THE BATWOMAN (1968). Meanwhile, on the moon, Kinga and Pearl take a trip through time, leaving Max and the clones in charge of the experiment.

  • Short: The Wonder of Reproduction

    Emily's crew watches a short in which three kids learn how aquarium fish reproduce.


    OCTOBER 2022 is "HALLOWEEN HORROR" month in the Gizmoplex. Join Synthia and Tom Servo as they revisit a classic episode full of monochromatic dread. This is... THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE! // In the theater, the crew watches as a scientist keeps his girlfriend's severed head alive in a pan while ...