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Up Next in MST3K Season 11: The Return (Kickstarter Edition)

  • The Land that Time Forgot

    In the theater, the crew watches as a German U-boat crew and some rescued Brits are stranded on a volcanic island populated by dinosaurs in "The Land That Time Forgot" (1974). Meanwhile, on the SOL, Jonah and the bots are attacked by a space squid with an uncanny likeness to Tom Servo. This episo...

  • The Loves of Hercules

    In the theater, the crew watches as the legendary Hercules finds himself in a love triangle with a noble young queen and the Queen of the Amazons in "The Loves of Hercules" (1960). Meanwhile, on the SOL, new robot pal M. Waverly's first meeting with Crow and Servo does not go well. This episode f...

  • Yongary

    In the theater, the crew watches as 1960s South Korea is ravaged by a prehistoric kaiju in "Yongary, Monster From the Deep" (1967). Meanwhile, on the SOL, Servo tries to persuade Jonah into investing in Yongary Nights, Seoul's most crushable nightclub. This episode features the song "Push Past th...