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Watch Reptilicus

Up Next in MST3K Season 11: The Return (Kickstarter Edition)

  • Cry Wilderness

    In the theater, the crew watches as a schoolboy befriends the mysterious Bigfoot and must protect his father from an unknown danger in "Cry Wilderness" (1987). Meanwhile, on the SOL, "raccoons" wreak lovable havoc on the bridge.

  • The Time Travelers

    In the theater, the crew watches as a group of scientists find themselves stranded in the future where they question the ethics of mankind's descendants in "The Time Travelers" (1964). Meanwhile, on the SOL, Dr. Varno and Larry from the film drop by with an invitation.

  • Avalanche

    In the theater, the crew watches as an avalanche smashes into a Rocky Mountain resort, trapping guests and staff inside, in AVALANCHE (1978). Meanwhile, on the SOL, Gypsy amazes everyone with her lounge act. This episode features a guest appearance by Neil Patrick Harris as Neville LaRoy. It als...