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  • MST3K: SEASON 1 (1989-90)

    13 items

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 makes its national television debut! Trapped by mad scientists Dr. Forrester and Dr. Erhardt, host Joel Robinson and his robot pals face off against movies like THE CRAWLING EYE and ROBOT HOLOCAUST.

    Season 1 originally aired on The Comedy Channel from November 18, 19...

  • MST3K: SEASON 2 (1990-91)

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    In Season 2, Joel Robinson’s torment continues as Dr. Forrester and TV’s Frank inflict such horrors as CATALINA CAPER and THE SIDEHACKERS.

    Season 2 originally aired on The Comedy Channel from September 22, 1990 to February 2, 1991.

    The licensing rights for the following movie titles are no lon...

  • MST3K: SEASON 3 (1991-92)

    22 items

    MST3K’s third season is filled with turtle meat, as Joel and the bots tackle all five original-run GAMERA episodes. Season 3 is also home to beloved classic POD PEOPLE. (It stinks!)

    This season originally aired on Comedy Central from June 1, 1991 to January 25, 1992.

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  • MST3K: SEASON 4 (1992-93)

    21 items

    MST3K shifts into high gear as the unforgettable MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE makes its indelible mark on Joel, Tom Servo, and Crow. This season also includes THE DAY THE EARTH FROZE, although we never did find out what a Sampo is.

    Season 4 originally aired on Comedy Central from June 6, 1992 to Ja...

  • MST3K: SEASON 5 (1993-94)

    22 items

    MST3K changes hosts for the first time when Joel Robinson escapes and is replaced by Mike Nelson. Joel’s departure is marked by the iconic MITCHELL, and Mike enters the arena with THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE. Season 5 also includes Joel’s favorite episode, I ACCUSE MY PARENTS.

    Season 5 original...

  • MST3K: SEASON 6 (1994-95)

    20 items

    Season 6 of MST3K brought the works of Coleman Francis to the Satellite of Love, with RED ZONE CUBA and THE SKYDIVERS. Mike and the bots also suffer a ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE they won’t soon forget.

    Season 6 originally aired on Comedy Central from July 16, 1994 to March 25, 1995.

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  • MST3K: SEASON 7 (1995-96)

    5 items

    Season 7 encourages Mike, Tom, and Crow to leave the Bronx with ESCAPE 2000 – and they take the suggestion to escape very seriously in LASERBLAST, when the SOL crew transforms themselves into non-corporeal beings of pure energy to go play on the edge of the universe.

    Season 7 was MST3K's final ...

  • MST3K: SEASON 8 (1997)

    13 items

    Season 8 picks up 500 years after the last episode, as Mike and the bots are forcibly returned to the Satellite of Love, where Pearl Forrester, Professor Bobo, and Brain Guy are eager to inflict such gems as SPACE MUTINY and TIME CHASERS on our hapless heroes.

    Season 8 originally aired on The S...

  • MST3K: SEASON 9 (1998)

    9 items

    In Season 9, Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy set up shop in Castle Forrester while Mike, Tom Servo, and Crow continue to suffer under the burden of riffing movies like THE PUMAMAN and WEREWOLF.

    Season 9 originally aired on The Sci-Fi Channel from March 14, 1998 to September 26, 1998.

    The licensing ...

  • MST3K: SEASON 10 (1999)

    10 items

    In the final season of MST3K's original classic run, Pearl Forrester aspires to become an accredited mad scientist and imposes BOGGY CREEK II: AND THE LEGEND CONTINUES and GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS on Mike and the bots.

    Season 10 originally aired on The Sci-Fi Channel from April 11, 1999 to August 8, ...