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I just released my first version of a new Bukkit plugin that I developed called XGo. The XGo plugin includes a collection of teleportation related commands. I wrote this plugin because I couldn't find an existing teleportation plugin that would quite fit my needs. The XGo plugin includes features such as the ability to save named private and public location, tab completion, and a granular set of permissions. With the appropriate permissions, XGo also enables players to teleport themselves and other players to the location of other online players as well as named private and public locations.

Here's a summary of the commands included in the XGo plugin:

  • go -- A player can use the go command to teleport himself to another location or another player.
  • go-send -- A player can use the go-send command to teleport another player to another location or another player.
  • go-add -- A player can use the go-add command to save their current location as either a private or public location for future use with other XGo commands.
  • go-del -- A player can use the go-del command to delete an existing private or public location.
  • go-list -- A player can use the go-list command to list saved private and public locations available for use with other XGo commands.

To read the full details and download the XGo plugin, check it out on the Bukkit web site!

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3 comments on “XGo Bukkit Plugin
  1. Shav Chandler says:

    May I use the XGo plugin for my server? I can’t find a download link.

    • admin says:

      Sure. XGo is free to use. Please try it out and let me know what you think. It can be downloaded from the Bukkit web site. The page for the XGo plugin is here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/xgo/. When you get there, click the download link and then click XGoPlugin.jar. After you download the jar file, save it in the “Plugins” sub-directory where your Bukkit server is located.

  2. These additional teleportation commands for Bukkit are awesome, thanks 😀

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