XFly, XNoFear, and XMonsters Bukkit Plugins

I just release three more Bukkit plugins as part of the XSuite that I have been developing. These are all relatively simple plugins that provide commands to enable and disable flying, invincibility, and spawning of monsters.

XFly Plugin Commands:

  • fly -- Enables flying for the player.
  • fly-stop -- Disables flying for the player.

XNoFear Plugin Commands:

  • nofear -- Enables invincibility for the player.
  • nofear-stop -- Disables invincibility for the player.

XMonsters Plugin Commands:

  • monsters -- Enable or disable monsters. Can also be used without any parameters to show the current setting for monsters.

To get the full description and obtain these and other Bukkit plugins that I have developed, visit my page on the Bukkit web site!

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