This utility will allow you to upload a GPX file containing tracklog and/or waypoint data to be displayed on the google map below.

Garmin GPS users who have access to the Garmin MapSource software can use it to create a GPX file. After downloading tracklog and/or waypoint data from your GPS, simply click "File" and then "Save As". In the "Save As" dialog, select "GPS eXchange Format (*.gpx)" as the file type and then save the file. The file that is created should be suitable for uploading to this utility.

After uploading a valid GPX file, in addition to viewing tracklog and/or waypoint data on the map below, you can view a full screen map by clicking the appropriate link. HTML with javascript source code to display your tracklog and waypoint data will also be included. Feel free to copy this source code and modify it for you own use as you see fit.

GPX File (500 KB max): Upload

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