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Cygwin ca-certificates 1.94-1 problem

There seems to be a problem with version 1.94-1 of the Cygwin ca-certificates package where the files containing the trusted certificates are empty. This results in no HTTPS sites being trusted when using commands such as git, curl, and wget.

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Upgrade Git to Latest Stable Release in Cygwin

Git is included as an available package in Cygwin; however, it is not generally the latest stable release. Using the steps outlined below, I have been able to successfully upgrade to the latest stable release of Git within my Cygwin

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Gitweb with Lighttpd in Cygwin

Gitweb is a component of git that provide basic repo browsing functionality via perl-based CGI. After scouring the Internet with Google, I was able to find all the pieces necessary for a basic gitweb setup on Windows using Cygwin and

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SSH and Rsync within Cygwin

This post documents the steps I have used to setup SSH and Rsync within a Cygwin Windows environment. Cygwin Setup This is not an in-depth guide for installing Cygwin; although, installing Cygwin is a fairly simple process. In or to

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